Jim Estill

“The main thesis of the book is entrepreneurs have an edge because they are willing to risk. It is that risk...

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PFaulhaber, BlogCritic.com

“This is a standout book. The author provides a different perspective about risk, opportunity, hard work and what...

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Alan Caruba

“Another excellent book for entrepreneurs. This is fundamentally a book about the choices and judgments that...

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Margie Warrell

“Too often we play it safe and avoid taking the very risks that would create the opportunities we want. The Risk...

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Scott Weiss

“Tom takes a different approach to entrepreneurism by focusing on risk using metaphors and candor to make for an easy...

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Kip Marlow

“This should be read by anyone who has a company, and those who are contemplating starting one. Yes, Mr....

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About the Author

TomPanaggioHeadshotTom has enjoyed a thirty-year entrepreneurial career as cofounder of two successful direct marketing companies. As a result, he can give a true perspective on starting and running a small business. His practical approach to business concepts and leadership is grounded in the belief that success is the result of a commitment to embracing risk as a way to ensure opportunity.

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About the Book

BookAs an entrepreneur and racecar driver, Tom Panaggio has learned that you cannot avoid risk if you want to be a winner.

In The Risk Advantage, Panaggio tells the story of how he and his business partners built two thriving companies: Direct Mail Express (which now employs over 400 people and is a leading direct marketing company) and Response Mail Express (which was eventually sold to an equity fund, Huron Capital Partners). With The Risk Advantage he aims to help entrepreneurs face the many situations,

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Will you take the parachute or the stairs?

Parachute-or-stairsImagine you stand at the edge of an enormous cliff, a parachute strapped to your back. To your right is a winding staircase with a sturdy hand rail. Jump and you’ll be awarded the exact amount of money you and your family need to live a happy and comfortable life. If you take the stairs, you’ll reach the bottom and walk away—nothing gained, nothing lost.

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