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Risk Avoiders Are Opportunity Missers: 10 Excuses Business Owners Make

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Risk Avoiders Are Opportunity Missers: 10 Excuses Business Owners Make

It’s time to open a second retail store branch — and you fully intend to — but you’re not quite ready yet. You found a possible location but it doesn’t seem perfect, and besides, you’re not sure if the local marketplace conditions are right. Maybe next year would be better.

You’re ready to expand your customer base — almost. However, you’re certain it can’t be done without buying and mastering a certain software program that lets you personalize your marketing efforts. And since you’re not ready to do that yet, you’d better hold off. (more…)

So When is the Right Time to Take the Leap of Faith and Pursue Your Entrepreneurial Dream? NOW!

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So when is the right time to take the leap of faith and pursue your entrepreneurial dream? Now! (more…)

Leadership, risk and what we can learn from an entrepreneur about business growth.

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The time has come for the reprogramming of American business leadership. No longer can companies simply “play not to lose” by anchoring to the archaic habit of detailed five year planning, staunchly imposing boundaries by way of organizational charts or the avoidance of any risk lest we invite failure. An entrepreneurial tsunami must wash this academic corporatism out to sea and replace it with a new paradigm, an entrepreneurial mindset. My advice, do not get out of its way. Let this massive wave of uncorrupted idealism and purposeful enthusiasm wash our corporate minds clean of the sludge of bureaucracy, fear of risk, and the clinging to irrational formalities. (more…)

Women, Risk and Entrepreneurship

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Women, Risk and Entrepreneurship

In a recent blog post Dr. Helen Smith, who graciously cited excerpts from my book, The Risk Advantage, raised a question about the differences between men and women in business. She asked, if women are more risk averse than men in business, will they be less successful? (more…)

Follow Your Dream and Create Your Own Opportunity for Success

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SuccessAmerican entrepreneurship reflects the individual’s desire for self-actualization and is what sustains our country’s economic sovereignty. American entrepreneurs, through their creativity, innovation, and willingness to embrace risk, act as beacons that guide the worldwide economy. Entrepreneurial spirit is more than the drive for success; it’s a powerful motivating force enabling regular people to do extraordinary things.