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Tom wants you and your company to be successful and his 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in building companies will provide you invaluable insight into how to stimulate and sustain long-term, profitable growth.

His philosophy for building a successful business is that theory is best left in the classroom because success is all about execution. Through a straightforward approach, Tom will evaluate your current business strategy and work with you and your company to develop and execute a winning plan.

Tom is hands on

The focus will be on development and execution of a strategic plan designed for growth. Tom will be intimately involved with you and your team in creating and more importantly executing a successful strategy. His hands-on approach through one-on-one consultations and direct involvement in the implementation of the strategy insures accountability and responsibility.

Tom will help you build a winning strategy

Each business has a unique characteristic, a foundational core that is the key to creating a competitive edge – Tom’s concept of Being Known for Something.

Here is the framework of Tom’s consulting program:


Identify Core Business Proficiency


Build Growth Plan based on in-depth evaluation process


Execute the detailed Growth Plan


Evaluate progress and make necessary adjustments

Build and Sell Strategy

If you are looking for an exit strategy Tom can help you formulate a successful Build and Sell strategy, maximizing company value for the most profitable sale.

Tom Brings a Team

A full range of industry experts

Marketing is the one area in business that can transform a lackluster performing company into a dynamic growth machine able to meet the challenges of an ultra-competitive marketplace. Tom’s expertise is in proactive marketing and as such he helps you create a marketing strategy whose primary objective is customer acquisition and retention. Tom also has a team of experts that assist in process improvement, human capital development, finance and investment.

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