Engage Tom through a Speaking Event!

With 30 years of entrepreneurial success, Tom brings, as the basis for his entertaining and informative speeches the experience of building two successful marketing companies. His energetic presentations are based on his critically acclaimed book and document the keys to his success, and the exciting stories of his competitive life as an athlete and racecar driver.

Tom’s approach to speaking is based on the premise that everyone’s time has considerable value. Therefore he must provide audience members a return on their investment of time. Tom has made the commitment that audience members will walk away from his session with at least 3 profitable strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Tom’s keynote speeches address areas of great importance for business owners, from marketing to employee management to customer relationship management and more. He also explains why risk should be embraced not avoided and what business owners can do to infuse this philosophy into the way they run their businesses.

Presentation Number 1

The Risk Advantage: Embracing the Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Edge

The Entrepreneurial Spirit is what drives an individual to ignore the overwhelming odds and take the plunge to start a business. Having the courage to take the leap of faith is the first step to achieve business success. But long-term success requires entrepreneurs to have an edge, an intangible something that separates them from others. The edge that propels them toward the pinnacle of success. That edge is risk. The traditional concept of risk management promotes the idea that risk should be minimized. For an entrepreneur, success is achieved by taking the opposite position, embracing risk and having the will to win.

In this entertaining and motivating program, Tom outlines:

  1. How to gain the unexpected edge by illustrating where risk should be in your business.
  2. How success is achieved through his Framework for Success, a simple 4-step strategy for embracing risk.
  3. How to transform risk into opportunity.

Presentation Number 2

Lead Like an Entrepreneur: How to Invigorate your Business and Experience Double Digit Growth

The time has come for the reprogramming of American business leadership. No longer can companies simply “play not to lose” by anchoring to the archaic habit of detailed five year planning, staunchly imposing boundaries by way of organizational charts or the avoidance of any risk lest we invite failure. An entrepreneurial tsunami must wash this academic corporatism out to sea and replace it with a new paradigm, an entrepreneurial mindset. The lesson to be learned from this topic is today’s business leaders need a new mindset, an entrepreneurial mindset where they have the courage to step outside their comfort zones and embrace risk each and every day.

Tom will make the case for a monumental change in how today’s business leaders plan for growth:

  1. He will illustrate why today’s leaders must be reborn and return to their entrepreneurial roots.
  2. How being a benevolent advocate for change brings harmony to even the most reluctant employees
  3. How encouraging a culture of failure leads to a ever flowing spring of innovation and creativity

Presentation Number 3

The Competitive Advantage: Make your Business Known for Something and the 3 Truths of Successful Marketing

We are in the specialization age and for a business leader/owner it’s good news. But some business leaders want to target the largest market possible. These entrepreneurs view the specialization concept and focusing on narrower targets as being too risky, as limiting their potential to capture a larger market. The truth is you must have a unique quality or expertise to separate your business from the competition. Market differentiation and a competitive marketplace edge come from being Known for Something and focusing your business strategy around this concept will, in the long term, be a key element in a formula for success.

Tom’s companies achieved their 30-year market leadership from embracing the concept of being Known for Something. In this presentation he will present:

  1. The Known for Something strategy that he used to create these two highly successful companies
  2. The 3 Key Truths for Successful Marketing
  3. How to generate a continuous flow of qualified sales leads